farfalla camper -

the campervan to hitch up.

The farfalla camper is different: family vacations in a mini-caravan, on the road loaded with bicycles, surfboards or a motorcycle - the special talents of our models with or without fold-out make it possible!

Presentation of our models

  • farfalla camper flip,
  • farfalla camper flap,
  • farfalla camper flap beach chair and
  • farfalla camper flap family

We present our mini-campers with the following slides. You can find more pictures in the gallery.

What are the advantages of the farfalla camper?

lightweight and compact!

  • A light, comparatively weak drawing vehicle is enough. Many electric vehicles can also tow the farfalla camper!
  • Easy to manoeuvre, no additional mirrors needed.
  • Low requirements regarding driving licenses.
  • Low prices on ferries, uncomplicated to store.

convenient camping for up to seven persons!

  • Thoughtful use of space.
  • Everything has its place in the integrated euroboxes.
  • A maximum of sleeping comfort.

Large boot!

  • The drawing vehicle does not necessarily need ab big luggage compartment.
  • Bulky items like bicycles or surfboards simply fit in the farfalla camper.
  • Without the camping equipment you dispose of a cargo trailer with more than 5 cubic metres.

perfectly usable for short and round trips!

  •  Quick to set up and to dismantle.
  • Quick and easy loading thanks to an ingenious loading concept.

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