Facts & figures

The following specifications relate to the farfalla camper #4. Differences to the farfalla camper #2 are described at the end.


The basis for the farfalla camper is the box trailer LK 1325-14-1420-N by Unsinn Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH (https://www.unsinn.de/en/trailers/plywood-cargo-trailers-type-lk/lk-1325-14-1420-1-achsig):

  • Inside dimensions (LxWxH) 2.55 x 1.42 x 1.53m
  • Vehicle dimensions (LxWxH) 3.93 x 1.92 x 2.11m
  • Braked (automatically adjusting)
  • Maximum authorised weight 1,300kg (optional reduction down to 950 kg)
  • Plywood box, white
  • Mudguard made of black plastics
  • Load area: skid- and waterproof plywood, 18mm
  • Lashing system with 6 adjustable connection rings for optimal load securing Lighting with 13-pole connector and reversing light
  • switchable 12-volt interior light

 Special features for the farfalla camper edition are

  • Two side flaps, lockable, each with door locking gear and two foldable supports
  • Tailgate opening upwards, lockable, to be opened from inside and outside
  • Plywood roof, white
  • Four sliding supports
  • Two manoeuvre handles
  • Version for 100km/h in Germany
  • Empty weight approx. 560kg (without camping components)



  • Mudguard made of aluminium chequer plate
  • Offroad tires
  • Drawbar box made of chequer (LxWxH approx. 62 x 42 x 52cm) e.g. for the transport of gas containers
  • Porthole in the tailgate, diameter approx. 30cm
  • Two additional connection rings for improved lashing
  • Vent window 1200x350 mm on the right side (version2 only)

Individualisation is possible (e.g. connection for power supply, preps for roof racks, heating…) –

please feel free to ask!

Tent construction

The farfalla camper’s sleeping tents and awning are made of tarpaulin material:

  • Spun dyed polyester with PU-coating, 230g/qm
  • Waterproof and vapour permeable, soft and flexible
  • Maximum UV stability and light fastness, extremely durable und stable
  • Resistant to salt water, chlorine and bird droppings
  • Dirt-repellent, with anti-mould equipment
  • Quickly drying

Further tent features:

  • Sleeping tents‘ windows to be opened from inside with zips with exterior mosquito nets, custom-fit transparent PVC windows to resist wind and rain can be fixed from outside with zips
  • Sleeping tents separable to the trailer interior
  • Sleeping tent rods made of stainless steel
  • Manyfoldly applicable awning with 6 telescope rod and one gable, leash-riggings, herrings and floor tarp
  • The awning’s window to be opened from outside with interior mosquito net, PVC-window in between with zips
  • Tents connected to the trailer using Keder strips and rails
  • Mosquito net at the tailgate


  • Tarp, approx. 250x200 cm - protection from light, heating-up, rain or bird dropping, including poles - useful in many ways!


Sleeping areas in the farfalla camper cover the benches and the opened side flaps. They offer a maximum of sleeping comfort!

  • Firmly bolted benches made of 21mm plywood, coated and chamfered, to be fixed at the trailer with lashing straps
  • 2 mattresses 140x200 cm made of high-quality foam material, 10 cm height, lengthwise foldable, with high-quality polyester-cover (looks like linen, water and dirt repellent, flame retarding, with zips, washable) or high-quality rainstop-cover (additionally rainproof, also for outside)


  • froli bed system for convenient springing and perfect ventilation - in this case mattress height 10 cm

Cooking & eating (optional)

The farfalla kitchen module consists of

  • 2 drawer containers (each LxWxH 60 x 40 x 43.5cm) with 3 bigger and 2 smaller transparent drawers in total
  • Custom-fit worktop made of 21mm plywood, coated and chamfered, with practical bores (LxW approx 115 x 44cm)

Seats and table

  • 4 stools (height approx. 47cm) made of 21mm plywood, coated and chamfered, and a galvanised frame, also to be used as side table
  • 1 table (LxWxH 120 x 67 x 74cm) with a table top made of 21mm plywood, coated and chamfered, and with 3 stable table legs; the table also perfectly fits in the farfalla camper between the benches (without stools).

The kitchen module as well as seats and table are part of the optional farfalla furniture set.

Storing & loading (partly optional)

The farfalla loading concept includes:

  • 8 euro containers without cover, each with a volume of approx. 25l and with a foldable handle, as drawers under the benches
  • 8 lashing straps to fix the benches, mattresses, the drawers under the benches and luggage


Optional ( part of the farfalla furniture set):

  • 2 euro containers with a cover, each with a volume of approx. 65l
  • 1 euro container with a cover and a volume of approx. 130l, e.g. suitable to store the awning
  • 1 protective case, robust and lockable, with a volume of approx. 12l
  • 1 protective case, robust and lockable, with all-round padding and a volume of approx. 12l
  • 2 furniture blankets

Optional ( farfalla interior set):

  • 2 multi-purpose rails, extendable
  • 2 clever wall pockets
  • 1 installation rail with hooks


The differing features of the farfalla camper version2 in comparison to farfalla camper version4 are:

  • Trailer – only 1 side flap (left), optional vent window laterally
  • Sleeping tents – 1 sleeping tent instead of 2
  • Sleeping – mattress and underlay for 2 sleeping berths instead of 4, combined with the farfalla furniture set slightly bigger (150x200cm), 1 bench instead of 2
  • Cooking & eating (optional) – 2 instead of 4 stools, table dimensions LxWxH
    120 x 60 x 74cm
  • Storing & loading (partly optional) – adjusted dimensions and numbers regarding the euro containers and protective cases, 5 instead of 8 lashing straps

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Mail: mail@farfalla-camper.eu