... the idea.


Friedrich loves being outside, and Friedrich loves camping. He is looking for a compact camping trailer that allows him and his family convenient camping, has a large loading compartment, and is easy to load – and that makes him wish to own it!


But analysing the market he can’t find what he is looking for. During Pentecost holidays 2017 Friedrich is seeing a camping family that stores a lot of luggage in a box trailer. After doing some research, Friedrich is asking himself: Why there is no compact box trailer that unfolds to a convenient family tent with fold out tents? Because Friedrich likes the sound of rain drops on a tent – at least if the rainfall stops again after some time.


He is thinking, drawing, inquiring, tinkering, and rethinking… until he has developed the plan for the farfalla camper – farfalla like the Italian word for the butterfly, because Friedrich’s trailer unfolds like a butterfly and can change the location within a minimum of time.




But Friedrich is not able to build trailers and tents. Therefore, he is looking for people who can do that, and he finds them at Unsinn Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH and at Mayr Planen und Zelte. Due to his conviction that others may also find the ideal camping trailer in the farfalla camper, Friedrich is founding farfalla camper concept UG in June 2018. And while the experts of Unsinn Fahrzeugtechnik and Mayr Planen und Zelte are getting down to work, Friedrich is procuring the other components that are required for the farfalla camper.


And in November 2018 it is getting true: the first farfalla camper is competed!




... manufacturing.

The quick realisation of the farfalla idea into a serial product was only possible because long-time established and highly specialised companies developed and deliver central components of the farfalla camper. This ensures that despite all innovative spirit the farfalla camper is technologically mature! Nearly all of those companies are situated in Southern Bavaria – that makes communication easy, and the distances are short.


Of course we hope that you like the farfalla camper’s design and that you think that it is reasonably priced.There may always be different views. However, in point of functionality and solidity we developed the farfalla camper with the premise of uncompromising in these aspects. Find out for yourself about the farfalla camper!

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